Thursday, August 25, 2016

Many Men Fail Bercinta as "Mr P" Crooked



Although rarely discussed, is quite a lot of men affected by Peyronie's condition that could interfere with sexual intercourse. In Britain, at least 1 out of 20 men have Peyronie's disease, and 6 out of 10 men experience depression due to this issue.Peyronie's disease is caused by a buildup of collagen or scar tissue in the penis. This causes the penis to be bent during erection. Additionally, Mr P also feels pain and inflammation so it is very disturbing during intercourse.Many cases of Peyronie's not revealed because very few men who came to see the doctor. As a result, this disorder is never handled properly. In fact, in the medical world today, the treatment of Peyronie's no need to open surgery.Peyronie's condition is often regarded as an embarrassment for many men fail to make love because of this. They became less confident because they feel less masculine, and decreased sexual satisfaction. It's not impossible if they will eventually be depressed.Peyronie which makes the penis to be bent generally occurs in men aged 41-60 years. The cause is so far not known for sure. However, experts suspect, peyronie can result from trauma to the penis, injury during intercourse, or surgery.Lack of vitamin E and related matters also suspected as a genetic risk factor of Peyronie's. According to the association in the UK who are concerned with this issue, Peyronie's not enough just coped with drugs. Patients also need psychological support to improve the self belief to get back get sexual satisfaction.

Source: The Mirror,


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