Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gaza Will Be Paralyzed

I do not know whether I can continue to write in this space and to communicate with you in Malaysia for the supply of electricity in Gaza is very critical after the only electric power plant here was bombed yesterday.

As a result, we are also facing difficulties in obtaining telephone lines and the Internet.

In fact, the supply of clean water is also lost, and I expect to be completely paralyzed Gaza once the stock runs out of petrol used to generate electricity in hospitals, shops and refugee centers.

Whatever, as long as it extended life by God I will continue to help the Palestinian people through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) 'From Gaza With Love' (FGWL), which I founded in collaboration with local NGOs.

For me, NGO volunteers now serve as the second line after the Mujahideen as to ensure the survival of the Palestinian people by providing food aid and daily necessities.

Since the outbreak of the War of 10 Ramadan a few weeks ago, most of the children as well as Palestinians who lost their homes to seek refuge in Umari Masjid al-Khabir, Central Gaza.

Umari Masjid al-Khabir is under direct monitoring FGWL.

On the first day of the attack, 250 people took refuge in the mosque, and now there are more than 1,000 people.

Imagine, how they huddle in the mosque while the mosque was not as big, and the conditions are getting worse in the absence of electricity and water.

I am impressed with the Christian church close to the mosque to offer protection to the Muslims.

This is what respect for other religions and do not oppress as the Zionist regime.

Umari Masjid al-Khabir is under direct monitoring FGWL.

So far, the mosque and the church there is the safest place for Palestinians who lost their homes to seek refuge.

I take this opportunity to thank all of you who contributed to FGWL because through your contributions that I can help and provide facilities to the public who took refuge in Umari Mosque.

Despite the scarcity and shallow experience, thank God I dare say FGWL between NGOs that provide the best service to refugees.

In addition to providing basic facilities such as mattresses and pillows to sleep, we also distribute packs to highway 600 children parishioners mosque and distribute toys to the children of war victims.

Again I repeat, we are able to do so because of your contribution.

Therefore, continue to generously through CIMB account 7600809829 (Salama Ahmad Shah) I contribute it to the Palestinians.


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